A Tale of Two Inevitabilities...and Three Exciting Programs in New Hampshire!

"Death and taxes."  Benjamin Franklin was the most famous (if not the first) to juxtapose these two certainties of modern industrialized life. 

And from a Jewish ethical perspective, tzedakah (giving "toward-justice") is  actually a voluntary percentage tax, rather than an optional deduction.

Facing our money along with our mortality is where soul-searching and financial planning come together most directly.  And the results can be transformative!

I'm thinking of this as I prepare to present three programs in idyllic New Hampshire this summer: one at the NHC Summer Institute, and two at World Fellowship Center

Each program will bring innovative resources, compassionate guidance, group support, and a sense of excitement and possibility to issues that — as inevitable as they may be — are often too difficult to confront alone.

One Day Before We Die is a course on articulating the legacy of our most cherished values and experiences — to help us to live more fully and lovingly, here and now. 

Final Choices: How Fair and Sustainable Are Yours? picks up this thread in a secular context, as an evening seminar on one of the most avoided — yet vital — issues of life planning.

The Strength in Numbers is another evening seminar that highlights the power of our own financial choices as a force for social justice.

We'd love to see you in New Hampshire!  And if you'd like to bring these or other programs to your home community, please contact us

With many blessings for the seasons ahead,


Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips, MSW, MPH
Director, WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources

"...For These Are WAYS OF PEACE."

Some 20 years have now passed since I was first introduced to the principles known as Darkhei Shalom / WAYS OF PEACE, while living and learning in Jerusalem.

Having previously struggled through the 1991 Gulf War while living and working in northern Israel, I found the practical orientation of WAYS OF PEACE both compelling and timeless. Here were 1800 years of spiritual guidance for cooperation across many lines of diversity and potential conflict — between different kinds of Jews, as well as between Jews and other peoples.

Two decades of action / reflection later, I offer you the community resources presented here. I welcome you to join me on this mission of bringing people together in response to shared human needs.

If WAYS OF PEACE can be of support to you, please contact us. And if you can be of support to WAYS OF PEACE, your generosity will help us to move "from strength to strength" in applying these caring imperatives to the continued healing of our wounded world.

With deep appreciation and many blessings for the seasons ahead,


Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips, MSW, MPH
Director, WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources