Courses, Seminars and Workshops

I found great personal help and direction from the ‘Healing Through Loss and Bereavement’ course.  I took some useful personal steps as a result of your course in the ‘Jewish Ethics of Forgiveness.’  I received confirmation for the need to watch my expressed thoughts in the course on the ‘Jewish Ethics of Speech’....I liked the gentle atmosphere you created, the sources you presented, and the self-searching you initiated.

Most Recent Programs:

weblink  Turning Toward Kindness

weblink  The Strength in Numbers: Personal Financial Empowerment for Social Justice

weblink  Final Choices: How Fair and Sustainable Are Yours?

A Sampling of Other Program Offerings:

  • Consuming Passions: How We Eat What We Eat
  • Three Legs or One Foot — Rebalancing Our Communities
  • Turning and Letting Go: Jewish Ways of Forgiveness
  • Worlds Created and Destroyed: Jewish Ethics of Speech
  • Who's Robbing God? — Exploring Spiritual Finance
  • Dust and Ashes: A Jewish Community Dialogue on Cremation
  • Amish Yisrael? — Technology, Simplicity, and Freedom of Choice
  • War, Women and Song: Rethinking Spiritual Leadership
  • Spiritual Resistance: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Regina Jonas (1902-1944)
  • Who Knows Four?  I Know Six!— Our Servant-Class Biblical Matriarchs and Why They Matter Today

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