Death and Bereavement

Our Hebrew word for funeral means “accompanying.” The timeless values of sustainability, simplicity and equality, presence and consolation are all embodied in this accompanying.

We are called to show up and accompany each other from illness and disability, through dying, to death and bereavement "...for these are WAYS OF PEACE."  

WAYS OF PEACE services for comforting the dying, honoring the dead and consoling the bereaved may include:

  • Provisions for the Journey
  • Home, hospital or hospice visits
  • Deathbed support
  • Advocacy for sacred care of the dead
  • Funeral officiation and final vigil-keeping / cemetery accompaniment
  • Bereavement visits, support and counseling
  • Monument and inscription selection
  • Unveiling guidance and officiation


You led an absolutely beautiful and deeply moving service and your presence was a continual comfort to many, many people whom you've never met....An inspiration.