Sacred Undertaking

Embracing Life by Caring for the Dead

A Community Message from Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips and Rick Light

Reflections on our August 2011 training at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

Those who are born among us are gently washed, swaddled, and watched over around the clock. Through Sacred Undertaking, we offer the same loving care to those who die among us, taming our own fears of death in the process.

These imperatives of true kindness can only be fulfilled through our immediate, physical presence. Sacred Undertaking expresses perhaps the ultimate Isabella Freedman commitment to "Soil, Soul, and Tzedek" (Justice):

SOIL: We are companions on the human journey of return to the earth. The recent green burial movement affirms the values that Jewish burial traditions have upheld for millennia: sustainability, simplicity, and equality. (...) Read more