Spiritual Finance and Tzedakah

Many people are surprised to learn that spirituality and personal finance are directly connected in our Jewish values of heshbon (accountability). We turn to heshbon when we search our souls, no less than when we balance our checkbooks.

One of the reasons that justice seems so elusive in practice is because we tend to define it so narrowly, as something external over which other people have control. WAYS OF PEACE operates from the core premise that we vote with our financial choices, on a daily basis, for the state of the world we live in — as well as for the quality of our own lives.

As we emerge from the worst economic crisis in recent history, WAYS OF PEACE offers time-tested Jewish resources and support for bringing our money into harmony with our highest values — no matter what we earn. Whether you prefer personal consultation or community learning, we can help you discover how to give tzedakah ("toward-justice") as a daily way of life — in ALL political and economic climates.

In keeping with Jewish principles of spiritual finance, WAYS OF PEACE is committed to tithing 10-20% of our net revenues to tzedakah. The donor-advised Ways of Peace Fund, established in 2006, is our general beneficiary for such tithing. Allocations from this Fund are made throughout the year to organizations that address a range of social, spiritual, economic and environmental justice concerns. Between allocations, the Ways of Peace Fund serves as investment capital to help end poverty in the U.S. and worldwide.